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10 Easy Steps to Building Your Personal Brand Online

Today, more than ever before, it’s important to have a well-established personal brand that you can use to represent yourself in your professional life. Because of this, I’ve compiled 10 simple steps to help you do just that! With these tips and tricks at your disposal, you’ll be able to establish yourself as an authority on whatever niche or topic you choose and even start attracting the right clients to your business right away!

1) Understand the Importance of Having a Personal Brand

There’s a lot of talk about personal branding these days, but many people still don’t realize just how important it is. Personal branding isn’t just a buzzword; it affects your networking abilities, reputation, and career success. Every professional has a personal brand, whether they realize it or not. The trick is building one that aligns with your goals. Personal brands are designed to make you memorable (and recruitable) in ways that an ordinary resume can't accomplish on its own. If you haven't already considered your persona brand - think about doing so right now!

2) Plan & Set Goals

Before you even get started, sit down and ask yourself why you want to start a personal brand. (This is also a good time to figure out what your long-term goals are.) Decide on how you want people to see and experience you. You’ll want to be careful here: It’s not about putting up your best face or sugarcoating anything. Rather, it’s an opportunity for self-reflection. Think about what kinds of experiences make you feel great, fulfilled, and proud—and incorporate that into your brand. Once you know who you are, put together a plan for how others will see that person online.

3) Create a Solid Social Media Strategy

Consider your goals. If you’re seeking a job, then you need to think about why and how social media can help you achieve them. Are you trying to get hired? Are you trying to stand out? Are you building a reputation? Social media allows people all over the world to view your brand in real-time, and it’s up to you whether or not that brand is professional, polished, and well-designed.

4) Start From Where You Are

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by social media—after all, it is a big place! But don’t worry about knowing it all. Instead, focus on what you do know and find out how others are using social media for their business. Then start building your brand through one or two of those platforms. The key here is to dive in where you feel most comfortable and do your research so that you can develop an authentic voice in your online presence. Social media isn’t rocket science, but it can be confusing if you try to do everything at once.

5) Increase Engagement by Joining Groups

Find a group that’s related to your industry and join it. Having an online presence is essential for success on social media, but participating in groups can also have additional benefits. The knowledge you gain from sharing best practices with other community members, as well as learning from others’ experiences, is invaluable. Additionally, networking with others will help you build connections and learn about new opportunities. By joining in on conversations and offering advice or answering questions when you can, you’ll be able to increase engagement over time by becoming a trusted source of information in your area of expertise. You never know what leads a successful tweet or answer could generate!

6) Update Your Profile Picture

When people think of personal branding, they often immediately think of things like logo design and writing a catchy tagline. That stuff’s important too, but it doesn’t matter if nobody can see you. Today's social media is just that: social. It means interacting with others and presenting yourself in ways that showcase your abilities and interests. You could have a great-looking Twitter profile, but no one will ever see it if you never tweet anything or engage in any conversations. If you want others to know who you are, get out there and show them! So whether it’s updating your Facebook cover photo or starting a Snapchat account for business purposes (we'll get into that later), start being more engaged online right now!

7) Build Relationships with Others in Your Industry

Relationship building is an important part of any personal brand-building effort. If you’re just starting, you want people in your industry to be familiar with who you are. You can start doing that by attending industry conferences and reaching out on social media—but don’t just stop there. Create quality content, answer questions in forums, offer advice freely, and engage with other people in your field as much as possible. With time, you’ll gain recognition for your name (and brand) from colleagues around the world. Remember: a network is only as good as its connections; without relationships, no one will know about your work or care about what you have to say.

8) Reach Out to Influencers Who Can Help You

The starting point of your relationship with the influencer is to sign up for their emails and their social media sites. Bloggers love people on their email lists and often tailor special messages and deals for them. It certainly gives you a head start for finding when a blogger posts new content. And later you can collaborate with them.

9) Create an Attention-Grabbing Bio or Header Image for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

It may seem overly simple to concentrate on a social media bio right? But a strong social media presence starts with a good foundation.

There are several reasons why a good biography is important, the first being that people have short attention spans. You only have a few seconds to grab a person’s attention and get them to follow you. When people land on your account they want to know what you’re about and why they should care – a great bio is a good way to do all that.

Toot your own horn. Show off your achievements, give them a little personality, tell them what problem you’ll solve. Your bio helps you build a connection right from the start.

Another reason to have a good bio is search results. The more optimized your bio is, the more traffic, and potential followers, you’ll attract.

10) Don’t Give Up! There Will Be Setbacks Along the Way

“Live the Life of Your Dreams

When you start living the life of your dreams, there will always be obstacles, doubters, mistakes, and setbacks along the way. But with hard work, perseverance and self-belief there is no limit to what you can achieve.”

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