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How to Get More Sales Using Instagram Ads?

Instagram advertising can be an effective way to get sales fast and from the comfort of your own home, as long as you know what you’re doing. In this article, We’ll explain how to get more sales using Instagram ads so that you can make the most of your Instagram ad dollars and get the results you want on the platform ASAP. To start with, let’s talk about why Instagram ads are great for marketers who want to increase sales—and why they can also be risky if not implemented correctly! (Hint: it has everything to do with what type of products you sell!)

Why use Instagram ads?

With more than 500 million monthly active users, Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms. And while that’s a ton of people, many brands don’t know how to use it as an advertising platform. Of course, when someone sees an ad on a social media platform they must first tap into what they are interested in. Once you do that, you have a better chance at catching their attention and getting them interested in your brand. With so many users on each platform though it can be difficult for businesses and marketers to understand which platform is best suited for their brand and if it even is worth buying ads on these platforms.

3 tips for using Instagram ads

1. Don’t buy likes and follows: If you’re like most small businesses that are just starting, you want customers in your social media feeds right now — not a year from now. Your goal is to make sales, but if you try to buy followers or likes — which is what many people do — then your strategy will only get in your way of making sales. If people are following you on social media, they should be getting something out of it (and ideally, that means becoming customers). For example, if they follow a travel blogger and go on their trip of a lifetime with all expenses paid for by said travel blogger.

2. Test your audience and posts before spending money: It may seem tempting to spend money advertising directly to a massive group of users who have expressed interest in, say, vegan desserts. But before you spend any money on ads (or even time searching for influencers), test who your target market is by engaging with them as though they were current customers instead of potential ones. First, contact them via Twitter DMs or Facebook messenger—respectfully tell them about yourself, show off samples of your work, discuss options for ordering ahead of time—but don't pitch anything too specific until you've asked them questions about their preferences first.

3. Know how impressions, clicks, and conversions can help boost ROI: There's more than one way to measure success when it comes to an ad campaign, which helps improve ROI over time. For instance, if you're launching a new product line on Instagram and looking for product exposure through ads—try focusing your efforts on increasing impressions before aiming for page likes or click-throughs. Getting into customers' feeds will give them plenty of opportunities to interact with your product within their feed; meanwhile, those interactions could translate into free exposure down the road once they see others interacting with yours.

How to set up an account for Instagram ads?

To get started with Instagram advertising, sign up for an account and choose a name. The following fields are required to create an account:

1) Username;

2) Email Address;

3) Password;

4) Phone Number (which is not public and will not be shown).

Then you have two options: Option A - Create your first campaign: This option allows you to choose from all of our available campaign objectives including, Instagram Engagement (post likes, post comments), Instagram Video Views, Instagram Website Clicks, and Instagram App Installs. To choose which objective you want when you launch your ad for the first time, select one or more objectives. If you don't need assistance with anything else, then once you've selected at least one objective, click Continue to finish creating your campaign and move on to ad creation.

What are good tags for your business?

Before you get started with any type of advertising on Instagram, it’s a good idea to brainstorm possible tags that people might use when searching for your business. This will give you a more targeted list of people looking for your product. Some examples include #fitnessjourney, #sweatpink, #weightlossjourney, or even your brand and name. Have fun coming up with a few different options and try them out!

Where should you put the call-to-action in your Instagram post?

At what point does your customer read through their Instagram feed? If you’re trying to sell something, maybe you should place your call to action at a certain point in your post. It may be better for you to wait until they’ve finished reading or scrolling through your post. This can increase conversion rates as well.

We certainly hope this article helps you create successful Instagram Ads for your growing business. Want to discuss more? Connect-with-us. We will be happy to answer your queries.


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