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Online Reviews - How to Remove Bad Reviews

Online reviews have grown in importance as more and more consumers turn to the Internet when making purchase decisions. However, dealing with bad reviews can be an uncomfortable and sometimes even an embarrassing experience. Fortunately, there are ways to remove bad reviews from online platforms, so you can take control of your online reputation and improve customer satisfaction by showing only positive reviews in search results and elsewhere online. Here’s how it works...

What is an Online Review?

An online review is a piece of content left by a customer about your company. The purpose of an online review is for others to get a sense of who you are and if they can trust you. Online reviews are quickly becoming one of, if not, THE most important aspects of any business's online presence. That’s why it’s incredibly important that your business has ways in which customers can leave reviews about your business—and ways in which bad reviews can be removed from those channels quickly.

How to Delete Bad Reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook & Other Platforms

There are several ways you can deal with bad reviews on online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others. You may simply want to delete them or you may be able to do so if they don't comply with review guidelines in one way or another. But before any actions are taken you should check your user agreement and privacy policy statements. One of your options is working with a reputable reputation management company that will manage all aspects of removing negative reviews online (an opt-in service). The most effective option is always collaborating with potential clients by addressing their concerns head-on, responding quickly, and avoiding anything that could tarnish your image in their eyes.

What Are the Rules for Businesses When Dealing with Bad Reviews

It’s easy to understand why reviews are important: they serve as a guide for people who are looking at your business and deciding whether or not they want to make a purchase. However, sometimes businesses have some negative reviews that need extra attention. Before trying to remove bad reviews, it’s important to know what is legally acceptable in terms of interaction with customers. You can’t ask them to remove their review—that would be considered extortion and could lead to legal action against your business. But you can politely request that they update it if there was an issue with their original post. If someone leaves feedback about a product that never even arrived at their house (known as non-delivery reviews), you may be able to ask them to remove it if they failed to contact customer service before leaving such an unfactual review. The general rule here is simply don't get involved in disputes over facts; let Google handle it. Whether or not your business has done something wrong when faced with a poor rating from one of its customers should never be up for debate on Facebook and Yelp.

Should You Use Negative Reviews as a Marketing Tool

When it comes to online reviews, there’s a lot of good information out there. The bad news is that consumers are oftentimes more interested in reading negative reviews rather than positive ones. Recent reports show that up to 90% of consumers will read a negative review before making a purchase. This statistic can be very helpful if you learn how to use it properly and your business is willing to take a little bit of criticism on their products or services for them to have an opportunity at getting customers who are seeking negative feedback on other companies products or services. If you think about it from a different perspective, it makes sense that people would prefer to do business with someone who isn’t afraid to admit when they make mistakes because they recognize that mistakes happen during all businesses; however, they also want someone honest and trustworthy enough to admit those mistakes and inform potential customers so they don't make the same mistake. If your company has been burned by another company recently, then now would be the perfect time (while everything is still fresh in your mind) to inform others of what happened so they can avoid having these problems as well.

Dealing with Dishonest Online Reviewers

You're going to get negative reviews on sites like Yelp, regardless of how well you do your job. If you’re a good businessperson and provide great services, some people just won’t like you. But that doesn’t mean you can't fight back—or make sure it doesn't impact your online reputation. If a customer leaves an unjustified bad review on any platform, don't respond personally and avoid making excuses or trying to fix whatever they are upset about. Instead, immediately contact the website's administrators and politely explain why your business deserves better treatment than what was given in a negative review. If possible, include screenshots of text messages or other communication between yourself and your unhappy client showing that all necessary steps were taken to resolve their issue with outstanding results.

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