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Tips to Increase Website Traffic through Returning Visitors

If you are a business, once a visitor to your site converts to a customer, do you just forget about them and leave it at that? Of course not, right?

As a business looking to grow and increase your sales revenue and profits, you want your website visitors to be repeat customers, as much as you want to find new customers.

As any Digital Marketing Agency will tell you, repeat visitors tend to buy more products from you as they come back to your site over and over again. This is because the more they visit your site, the more they will trust you as a business, especially if they have been getting a good experience during their previous visits. Also, as customer’s trust in your business and brand increases, it is more likely that they will recommend you to others in their social circles, such as friends and family.

As you can see, retaining your customers is very important for a business in so many aspects. So, what can you do to keep people coming back to you?

Here are a few tips you can follow :

  • Personalised experience - Personalising your visitor’s experience on your website is one way of ensuring that they will return to you. You can create customised landing pages based on products and services that they have shown an interest in on previous visits, as well as similar products which could draw their attention.

  • Email Marketing - Emails are a good way to stay connected with your customers. Things like newsletters, informative emails, etc are great methods to help your customers remember you, so when they need products and services offered by you, they will keep coming back to your website. To give customers an incentive to opt-in for an email newsletter or email list, you can offer them a gift or special offer on signing up.

  • Leveraging social media - There are millions of people using social media every single minute. Getting your customers to follow you on social media channels makes it easier for you to engage with them and build a relationship, as well as help them with any concerns they may have instantly. Any Social Media Marketing Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere, can help a business to create a social media account to draw in more followers, and thereby get more traffic to your site.

  • Push notifications - Push notifications are another great way of increasing returning visitor traffic. To send push notifications to someone, they will first need to grant your permission for it by accepting to receive them. However, if they do want to receive push notifications, this means they have an active interest in your products and services.

  • Publish regular content - Publishing regular content on social media, blogs, etc, is a great way to engage with your customers. The more they see your content on their feed, the more visibility you will gain for your business, and the more informative and engaging content you publish, the more people will get interested in your website and keep coming back.

  • Customer loyalty - Creating a customer loyalty program is another way of ensuring that your customers keep coming back to you, especially if you also offer loyalty rewards that are both attractive and enticing to them. It is a common method of thanking and rewarding customers for their loyalty to your brand.

  • Retargeting Ads - Retargeting ads are those that are created targeting people who have already visited your website before, even if they did not convert to a sale. Both search engine ads such as Google Ads and social media ads have tools for creating retargeting ads easily. This is a great way of reminding customers to return to your website or online store.

It is common knowledge that people will continue buying from a brand or business that they trust, so it is very important to create that trust and a good reputation in the minds of your customers.

Are you looking to retain your customers through effective digital marketing strategies? Social Croww can certainly help you achieve your marketing goals.


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