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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022-

Where is digital marketing headed in 2022? Here are the trends from a panel of digital marketing experts:

1- Online Advertising Will Be On Boom- Nowadays, people are ready to spend on digital ads more than ever as no one wants to wait for organic marketing to do its work, everyone wants to get more and more clients as early as possible. A shift has been seen in the mindset of customers that when they can get good ROI on ads then why to wait for organic marketing.

2- Cookie Based Marketing Will Get Changed- Nowadays you have heard that users are asking about privacy because their privacy gets interrupted when we do remarketing in the form of third-party cookies instead of which the first-party cookies will come in trend.

In first-party cookies, we don’t do the marketing by interest-based but instead of which try to get the details of customers and then reach out to them via various channels like e-mail, or showing to them google ads, etc.

3- Performance-Based Digital Marketing- It will be going to goal-based digital marketing in metric-based digital marketing instead of task-based marketing. It means you have to work according to the goals that you want to achieve for your client and then categorize your approach towards your goal that we have to do social media marketing for branding or will have to run ads for lead generation etc. In 2022 the major marketing decisions will be based on data & analysis.

4- Automation Tools Will Be In Action- In the upcoming year there will be more automation-based digital marketing than human-based marketing as it will cut down the cost as well as it will be more efficient and well organized. There will be many automation tools that will come

in presence like- email marketing automation tools, tools like Zapier, chatbots, social media automation tools, etc.

5- Influencer Marketing- Influencer marketing will be booming in the upcoming year, influencer marketing was a $10.24 billion industry in 2021, according to Research and Markets. However, they anticipate the global influencer marketing platform market size will reach $84.89 billion by 2028. So, it should come as no surprise that 63% of marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budgets in 2021, and there will undoubtedly be more over the next few years. As the popularity, demand, and marketing spending increase, for influencer marketing, it's important to pay attention to influencer marketing so make sure you're focusing on the right thing giving attention to influencer marketing and adding dollars on the right things.

6- Zero Click Searches- Zero click searches will be dominating in 2022. Zero-click searches may mean that users’ queries are resolved right on the results page. By displaying ads or its products, Google can extract value from zero-click searches, while other sites might not. This can be especially troublesome considering Google sources much of the content that appears on its results pages from publishers, and as the proportion of zero-click searches increases, publishers may be losing out on traffic. So make your site zero search-friendly which means directly solving the queries of customers at one time.

7- Reviews- 2022 would be the year of reviews, the more and more reviews you get for your brand on platforms like google my business, Quora, Trust pilot, and relevant forums, the better your audience’s decision-making will be. So make that an important part of your strategy and have your review's own review goal set. The more channels the better it is.

8- Omnichannel Marketing Approach- Take an omnichannel marketing approach, which means do integrate digital marketing instead of focusing on only one of the channels, because we don’t know at what time the channel will change its algorithm and you will be in whoa what happened situation. So, if you don’t want to suffer from it then take an omnichannel approach in that way your business will not suffer. And it is okay to have fewer results from one channel and more from one but that doesn’t mean you stop that channel. And always remember each channel have something to offer to you so focus on that.

9- Creating Content- If you think about content there are roughly a billion blogs there are over 1.8 billion blogs available on the web means roughly one blog for every people. Do we need more content? No! So the issue you have is there is too much content available and you won’t be doing well if you create the same regurgitated content. So how do you differentiate yourself with content- use stat, use data, mix stats, and data in your own story. Talk about your experiences. See people want a fresh perspective and if you don’t give them a fresh perspective you are not going to do well. You are going to be the same old stuff that everyone else is saying and if you can’t create a fresh perspective don’t write a content piece unless you have tons and tons of authority which most people don’t have. The second way to differentiate yourself is to spend more time updating the previous content rather than creating new content.

10- Short Video Content- Nowadays we all are seeing the performance of reels and in the upcoming time the reels will destroy the paid as a well organic form of traffic. Attention span will be going to become less so try to create ads smaller as much as possible. And then use your short videos to give a peak to your brand and invite them to your longer video content. Remember you might not get a lot of views on your long-form of content, but people who watch and see your long form of content will be the ones who purchase from you, and the end goal is to always monetize through your content.


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