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What Is Integrated Digital Marketing And Why Should You Consider It?

What do you think of when you hear the term integrated digital marketing? Chances are, it’s similar to what we were thinking: all aspects of an organization’s digital presence, advertising, and marketing efforts work together seamlessly to achieve goals or objectives set by the organization. To understand why that’s important, and why you should be considering it, let’s look at the integrated digital marketing approach in more detail, including what it looks like today, how it works, and why organizations are turning to this type of approach over other options.

What is integrated digital marketing?

Many of our clients ask us about integrated digital marketing. They know they want to use multiple forms of digital marketing, but they don’t quite understand what that means. Are you in that boat? Here’s an explanation: Integrated digital marketing is all about marrying various channels together to create a cohesive story. Rather than using each channel independently, you are tying them together in such a way as to reach and engage your target market. In doing so, you have a better chance of influencing their decision-making process. The term integrated refers to syncing up with other things happening throughout your customer’s day (e.g., email campaigns or influencer videos). This holistic approach results in a much more robust customer experience—and it takes some serious thinking and planning to do it right!

How does an integrated approach help you succeed in your business?

Integrating all of your marketing efforts—social media, SEO, email, and website—is a great way to ensure that you’re getting your business in front of people as often as possible. Because many of these channels are self-service or platform-based, it also means you have more control over what you can (and can’t) do, making it easier to get started and track your progress. In short: Get everyone on board with one clear message and let digital handle execution.

How does an integrated strategy differ from more traditional forms of digital marketing?

An integrated strategy can seem a little complicated at first, but it’s easier to understand if you break down what it means. When you talk about integration, you’re talking about an approach that doesn’t segment digital marketing efforts into multiple channels and platforms. With an integrated strategy, everything is tailored to your business and your customers—not just one specific platform or channel. For example, instead of splitting your energy between Google Ads and email marketing campaigns, both will work together as part of a larger plan to reach customers where they are looking for information. Integrated digital marketing helps businesses use each piece of their online presence to its fullest potential while simultaneously giving more attention to every customer. The result: More sales, more leads, better optimization, and a significantly higher return on investment (ROI). Dot-com companies should focus on creating experiences to build relationships with customers, says Patrick Ambrosio, senior director of account management at Webpage FX. One way marketers do that is by engagingly delivering content through many different mediums. Integrating those different mediums does just that by streamlining how you connect with new and existing customers across several platforms.

How to Integrate Digital Marketing Into Existing Strategies

The challenge of using integrated digital marketing is that it tends to be complex, and you'll have a lot of moving parts. So before jumping in, take a step back and consider your existing digital marketing efforts. If you're not already running campaigns across Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, and Twitter start there. Use these channels to lay out your general strategy for each platform as well as concrete goals for each campaign over time. Then look at how you can integrate these different approaches with blogging (or content marketing). By starting small and building up strategically, you'll give yourself more options down the line.

The Best Practices for Putting Together An Integrated Digital Strategy

An Integrated Approach to Your Online Presence – Not only is an integrated approach to online marketing more cost-effective, but it will also provide you with a much higher ROI. Instead of simply relying on one channel or medium, organizations can leverage all areas of their online presence – including their website, social media channels, and content marketing initiatives – as part of a comprehensive digital strategy. What’s more, you can create consistent messaging throughout your different platforms so that potential customers recognize your brand even if they aren’t directly engaging with it. Although an integrated approach is crucial for success in today’s digital environment, many organizations are still struggling to find ways to tie everything together in an impactful way.

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