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What Makes a High-Quality Backlink?

High-quality backlinks can help attract more qualified visitors and search engine rankings to your website or blog. But how do you know if your backlink is high quality? Read this article to learn everything you need to know about high-quality backlinks, including what makes them so effective and where you can find them.

The Domain Authority

Google uses Domain Authority as their main metric for determining how high quality a backlink is. Domain Authority takes into account over 100 factors (some of which are very technical) and assigns each domain on a scale from 1-100 (with 100 being the best). The higher your DA score, the more authoritative your site is considered to be. So, always take a backlink from a high DA site.

PageRank and Links

PageRank, which is Google’s algorithm for ranking websites in search results, considers backlinks (links from one website to another) to be one of its most important factors. However, when it comes to high-quality backlinks - those that will affect your ranking and not just some random ones – you need something more than PageRank; you need relevant links. So what does it take to generate these types of links? One way is to create high-quality content that people want to share. Then you should do everything possible to promote it—on social media sites, with influencers, or guest blogging if possible.

TrustRank and TrustFlow

Most SEOs will tell you that backlinks are one of, if not THE most important factor in search engine rankings. Why is that? The short answer is trust. If people trust your site to deliver value and information (and backlinks show they do), then Google will rank you high—especially if you're an authority in your niche. And if it's ranked highly by Google, more people will click on your links and come to your site, resulting in even more visitors and even more links... perpetuating a virtuous cycle. This works both ways: bad links can hurt you almost as much as good ones can help you. TrustRankTM and TrustFlowTM are link metrics that measure how likely someone is to trust a given website based on who else links to it.


One of search engine optimization’s most important concepts is that of topicality or keeping your content relevant to its audience. A high-quality backlink demonstrates that you’re in touch with what matters to your target market and you’re willing to take an active interest in it—and all with just one link. That means, even if you don’t have all the information, sharing relevant links shows that you care about topics others are concerned about; making you both credible and attractive as a potential partner.


For example, I'm pretty sure I have high-quality backlinks on my site. Why do I think that? Well, because I didn't just randomly add backlinks to my website. Instead, for each one of those links that I added to my site...I first put myself in your shoes and then created content with YOU as my target audience. Does that mean that every single link on your website is a high-quality backlink? No way! However, it does mean that most of them should be considered at least moderate quality backlinks because they are targeted to keywords and phrases relevant to YOUR website/blog topic. Another factor in creating high-quality backlinks is using anchor text properly – not overusing keyword phrases but also not underusing them either.

Contextual Relevance

A high-quality backlink points to your website from an authoritative page on another site. This can be achieved in several ways, depending on your business and which industry you’re in. For example, if you’re in e-commerce and have just added some products to your site, find and contact third-party review sites (like CNET or PC Mag) that could provide quality coverage of your new additions. As you’re contacting these folks, focus on creating interesting content for them rather than just blindly asking for links—they don’t want to hear about how great or innovative your product is; they want information they can use while writing their articles. Just make sure what you give them is worth linking to!

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