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Why are high converting landing pages important?

What exactly are landing pages? Are they all created equal? What do high converting landing pages have that others don’t? How can you create your high-converting landing pages? These are just some of the questions we’ll be answering throughout this post, along with details on what exactly goes into making a high converting landing page and examples of great ones that you can reference in your endeavors. Let’s get started!

What Are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a page on your website that visitors will visit to learn more about a particular product or service. For example, if you owned an ice cream shop and wanted to draw attention to a new flavor of ice cream, you could create a special, one-off landing page that was optimized for search engines and featured information about your new flavor of ice cream. The goal of any landing page is to convince users that they need whatever it is you're selling and move them towards conversion (converting=buying). A high-converting landing page gets leads or sales. Our company provides services like eCommerce website design and SEO services.

Why Do You Need Them?

The reason you need high-converting landing pages isn’t simply to funnel traffic into your business. They play a role in increasing revenue. High-converting landing pages convert visitors into paying customers better than low-converting ones, and those additional sales from a well-designed conversion page will generate more profit for your business in time. A good conversion page is essentially a one-page website that emphasizes a single action: placing an order, downloading something, subscribing to an email list, or any other similar call to action (CTA). The goal of these types of pages is simple: get people to perform the desired action as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible.

To make sure that happens, they need to focus on two main things: making it very easy for people to take whatever action they want them to take, and creating trust by clearly communicating what users should expect if they decide to take it. High-converting landing pages accomplish both these things by following a few specific best practices when designing them: Eliminate Distractions: It's tempting when building a landing page to try and include too much information about every aspect of your product or service—but that can end up being counterproductive. Instead, you should eliminate anything on your landing page that distracts potential customers from buying it or signing up with it right away.

How Do I Create One?

If you don’t have much experience creating landing pages, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out where to start. Thankfully, there are a few common factors in most great landing page designs. Use these as your building blocks to create an effective high-converting page for your audience. Here’s what you need An attention-grabbing headline that’s short and descriptive A value proposition about what someone gets if they purchase from you The ability to capture email addresses (yes, even on e-commerce sites) Great visual elements like graphics or images The option to easily convert visitors into customers, such as with call now buttons or shopping carts A strong call to action

Let’s look at each of these in more detail:

1. Attention-grabbing headline This is one of the first things people will see when visiting your landing page—make sure it grabs their attention!

2. Value proposition First impressions count on landing pages—spend time crafting a strong value proposition that emphasizes how their lives could improve by purchasing from you.

3. Ability to capture email addresses It’s not enough just to get them interested in your product or service; landing pages should also give users a way to sign up for your mailing list right away.

4. Visual elements Images and videos go a long way toward grabbing user attention; make sure yours has those, too.

5. Conversion options Make sure it’s easy for people who visit your site to buy something; think call-to-action buttons and shopping carts instead of lead forms.

6. A strong call to action, For example, Buy Now, Learn More, etc.—and make sure it jumps off the page without being overly distracting or cluttered.

Remember, making a sale isn’t your only goal with a landing page. You want to establish trust in your brand and demonstrate knowledge of your target market—all while getting people excited about whatever it is you’re selling. Even after all those steps, though, you still may find that some leads aren't ready to buy right away.

Checklist for a Great Landing Page

For example, if you’re selling something online, your goal is usually to get people to buy it. You want them to go from opening their browser window and typing in your URL to filling out their credit card details and clicking submit.

The ideal conversion rate for an e-commerce site is around 3%. That means three of every 100 visitors will convert (give you money). On average, most sites have a conversion rate of less than 1%, which means if you have 100 visitors, on average only one will make a purchase. To convert more visitors into customers, you need a great landing page.

Creating a good landing page with high-converting copy isn’t easy. You need to find out what motivates people—what pushes their buttons—and use that information to create amazing content that speaks directly to them. Use your call-to-action button well: A poorly placed or worded call-to-action (CTA) can kill even the best landing page—but a strategically placed CTA can be just as powerful as any form of paid advertising for driving traffic and conversions. Make sure you place it somewhere prominent on your landing page – preferably above the fold but below all of your other content – so users see it immediately after they arrive at your site. Tell everyone who visits: Don’t forget about sharing your new business launch with everyone else!

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