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Why You Should Use Instagram Reels?

A reel, or Instagram reel as it’s called, can be compared to a video resume. It’s made up of various clips of your work that showcase your best features to entice and attract potential employers or clients to hire you. This post will give you some useful tips on how to make an effective Instagram reel so that potential employers can see what kind of services you have to offer and get in touch with you directly via email or phone call.

What is an Instagram reel?

Have you ever seen an Instagram reel on someone's profile? If not, they're a short video compilation of photos. Think of it as your highlight reel. It's extremely popular among companies and influencers because it gives them a chance to show off their best work without having to sift through hours and hours of footage. The most successful reels are high-quality, beautiful, and concise. So if you have a business or brand account on social media that showcases your work, consider using an Instagram reel for maximum impact!

How to make an Instagram reel?

To make an Instagram reel, you’ll first need to follow these three steps: First, open your photo application and create a new project. Next, load all of your photos (there should be no fewer than 20) into that project. Then choose which images will appear in each of your frames by selecting them from your library, dragging them into place on the screen, and dropping them on a frame’s icon. Once you’ve created an order for all of your photos, double-check that everything is how you want it to appear. When you’re satisfied with how things look, export as a video file at whatever resolution and quality is appropriate for sharing online or printing out as prints. Your finished product can now be uploaded to Instagram. And there you have it—an awesome showcase for your work! Hopefully seeing what others are doing has helped get some ideas flowing about how to present your work, too!

Why use an Instagram reel?

These short reels of images are perfect for any form of video content. They’re ideal for Instagram, but can also be repurposed for other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Plus, you can use them to connect with new and existing fans and clients, because they feel more personal than a regular post or tweet. Think of your reel as a way to deliver a behind-the-scenes look at your business without being to sales directed. These videos will show people what it’s like to work with you—which makes them more likely to buy from you or reach out in some way.

Uses of an Instagram reel in various niches

Artists use it to showcase their portfolio, fashion bloggers use it for individual outfits, interior designers can share before and after shots of clients' homes, wedding planners or photographers can share a series of portraits or images from an event—the possibilities are endless. But these reels aren't just a show on Instagram; they'll also help people discover your work if you choose to make them public. Here's what they look like: First impressions are everything when it comes to making a great first impression. Now that we have our profile set up in order and we've got some original photos uploaded, let's think about how we want others to perceive us as professionals. To be taken seriously, you need your custom intro video. With simple video editing software such as iMovie for Macs or Adobe Premiere Pro for PCs, you can add music, text slides with relevant information about your business (such as experience), and images that give potential customers an idea of what types of jobs you do (your services page will have more details). Keeping things short is recommended; no one wants to watch a five-minute introductory reel!

Examples of brands using video reels on their accounts

Urban Outfitters, Nike, Vogue Magazine. Fashion brands tend to use 15–20 second clips with a watermark to promote new collections, while brands selling more accessible products and services use reels of up to 30 seconds without branding. It’s possible to get an account verified if you need extra exposure and want to allow your followers on other platforms (i.e., Facebook or Twitter) to view your content. If you’re worried about viewer engagement, keep in mind that a majority of viewers will watch 3–5 seconds of video, which means they won’t even finish your reel before they decide whether or not it’s worth their time.

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