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How To Get Organic Traffic To A New Blog For Free

Paying for traffic through online advertising is a good idea, but some people just can not afford or release the money to do so.

In this case, you need to focus on the search engine to get free traffic to your site. It is only possible to get free search engine traffic when your site is properly indexed and well ranked.

The main problem is that you will not be able to do this quickly. It can take a lot of time for search engines to list your content within the first ten results.

Here are some tips you can use to help your site to get appear in the search engines for free traffic that you want -

Tip #1: Index Your Site

Getting your website indexed is very easy. You can simply go to Google, Yahoo, and Bing directly and submit your site. Their spiders will come and crawl your site and you will be listed in their search results and I personally feel this should be a priority.

It is in fact mandatory that you should submit your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing as quickly as possible after creating your site.

Tip #2 : Create A Sitemap

Create a web page that lists all the pages of your site to make it easy for search engines to find what your site has. These pages are called Sitemaps.

Creating sitemaps is a piece of cake. If you are a WordPress user, then there are many plugins available for you. I found that Yoast SEO is the best. You can create your sitemap with one click with this plugin.

After getting that done, you can go to google search console and submit the sitemap there. It will immediately show you the list of pages and images indexed.

Tip #3 : Optimise Your Pages With Specific Keywords

Write every article by targeting one keyword. When your content is created around any specific key terms, then it has better chances of getting a higher ranking.

To do this, you will need to find less competitive and profitable keywords. You can use Google keyword planner to get those keywords as well.

Always try to use keywords which have more than 3 words. These are called long tail keywords and they are the best way to increase organic traffic. Conversion rates are also better for long tail keywords in comparison to short tail keywords.

You must add keywords in the page title, meta description, heading tags, image alt tags, and also within the content of your site.

The key is to find synonyms for your main keyword. That will prevent your article from keyword stuffing.

Tip #4: Add Your Site To Directories

Directory sites play a significant role in building quality backlinks for your website. It helps to boost your website traffic and get higher ranking on search engines.

There are many online directories available where you can add your site. Submitting on these websites can increase organic(search) traffic for your new site.

Not all of these directories will send traffic directly but it will surely add some weightage to your site through backlinks.

Tip #5: Create Backlinks

Search engines like Google give a great deal of importance to the links that are directed to your site from other websites. The more websites you get to connect back to you, greater will be the importance you receive from the search engines.

When your site gets a text link from an authority site for any specific keyword, then search engines think that your site is relevant for that keyword. Now that, gives your site the benefit of better ranking.

You can do this by offering a link exchange with other website owners, or by submitting your site to online directories, participating in forums, publishing articles to related sites, blog commenting, etc.

Tip #6 : Social Media Sharing

Now you must be wondering why are we even talking about social media when this article is about getting search engine traffic.

Not many people know that social media sharing actually gives an excellent signal to Google and search engines to rank your content.

So you might want to start thinking about creating an engaging and well-defined article to get maximum shares.

Although there are many other advanced techniques to get higher ranking, I hope the basics steps mentioned above are enough to start with.

Still confused? You can reach out to Social Croww for more details or simply shoot us a mail on

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