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How to Use YouTube to Increase Your Brand's Reach

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression content is king many times before. There’s a good reason for this saying: if you want your brand to succeed, you need to be regularly producing fresh, unique content that engages people and gets them excited about what you do and the products you sell or services you offer. One of the best ways to do this these days is by using YouTube, one of the largest and most popular videos sharing sites on the internet, as your primary content outlet.

Getting Started on YouTube

If you’re looking for a way to grow your brand’s reach, one of your best bets is YouTube. If you have no content creation skills whatsoever, it may be more difficult—but if you have an existing fan base, it will be much easier. If you already have a business or organization that has social media accounts, create a channel and cross-promote on those platforms for maximum effect. It’s also important that your branding and messaging are consistent across all of your social channels—YouTube included. Engaging with viewers is also very important to build relationships with them over time. Knowing what they like or dislike will help develop future video ideas that they'll enjoy and share with their friends and colleagues.

Consistency and Engagement

The two most important metrics of your YouTube channel are consistency and engagement. The more consistent you are in uploading content and engaging with your audience (as well as subscribers) on YouTube, will make a huge difference in building your audience base.

Consistency can be measured by tracking views over time; for example, if you upload videos every other week at 10 am on Tuesdays, your Consistency can be measured by how many views each video receives from the first video uploaded compared to the last video uploaded. An increase in views shows that people are returning over time to watch more of your content, and decreasing means people have stopped watching.

Engagement on YouTube refers to likes, comments, subscriptions, etc., all showing what percentage of viewers chose to engage with you in some way after viewing a video. On YouTube it is best practice to respond directly back to anyone who leaves a comment on one of your videos- making sure also that your branding across all platforms is consistent - including taglines or calls-to-action - these choices will encourage repeat visits. If someone enjoys what they see or read so much they'd like to share it personally with friends or family...they might click 'share'!

Maximizing Exposure

YouTube is already one of your most valuable marketing tools, with about 1 billion users. To get more out of it, focus on maximizing exposure by consistently posting new videos that are appropriate for different audiences. If you only post once or twice a year, your viewers will forget about you before they even see your next video.

To increase brand awareness and reach new customers—and keep old ones coming back—you need to make sure people can find you whenever they want. At least twice a month is optimal; if you can do it every week, all the better. Posting isn’t enough: You also need to ensure people watch your videos by playing around with tags and descriptions. Think through who you’re trying to appeal to, then look at other successful channels in that field. Make note of how they describe their videos and what search terms they use in tags. The more specific those terms are, the less competition there is likely to be. Make those searches part of your regular habit so you don't miss any opportunities as soon as they arise. ​#

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Analytics, Insights, and Reports

It’s hard to measure your YouTube marketing efforts until you’ve put in some time and effort into it. The first thing you need is data about your channel, video views, likes, dislikes, and even likes versus dislikes. As you continue with your YouTube marketing strategy, you need to know what sort of results are coming back from it. Are people liking your videos? Are they sharing them?

You need a strong understanding of your analytics before making any strategic decisions or changes to your YouTube marketing plan. Many tools help better understand analytics like Google Analytics or HubSpot. Knowing how well your YouTube videos are doing will allow you to adjust as needed; perhaps try different ways to create content for these platforms.

Find new audiences for which you can post your videos and track responses accordingly. An effective YouTube marketing strategy means finding new audiences at different levels (micro-targeting). A good way to do so is by using hashtags - #foodie might be popular but #healthyfoodie might be more specific for a bigger group.

The Future of YouTube Marketing

While social media has grown in popularity and importance, YouTube continues to play a pivotal role in online marketing. 60% of marketers say that YouTube is one of their top two most important channels, with nearly 25% saying it’s even more important than Facebook or Twitter. That’s because it provides brands and businesses with an opportunity for a more personal connection with consumers and allows them to present themselves as experts in their fields.

One survey found that 97% of all businesses on YouTube say they are satisfied with their experience on the site, meaning that companies are discovering success using YouTube for brand building, customer acquisition, and content marketing. And when a company can capture audiences' attention effectively on YouTube, there are lots of ways to leverage that audience—for example, it can then promote ads with Google AdWords. For example: if you want your customers to learn more about your business outside of YouTube (for them to make direct purchases), Google AdWords would be another useful way to reach customers who already have some interest in your business.

All things considered, YouTube is still a valuable resource for any business hoping to increase its presence online.

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